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Parenting adolescents is a balancing act.
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Welcome to Parenting Adolescents.
We are a nonprofit helping parents, teens, those who work with teens.  Access to ALL portions of this site is free.
This week's Question of the Week:  How to set limits on access to and time spent with electronics.  

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Parenting teens and preteens has never been easy. It may seem harder today in this too-much-information-and-everything-else age, but the basic principles haven't changed. It's a balancing act: allowing more freedom while maintaining limits that you hope help them live long enough to become their own persons.

Both parents and teens find help in these pages in understanding and managing each other during these adolescent years--years that can be both exhilirating and daunting.

Licensed Clinical Social Workers (Jean and Karen) select questions from those who write in and post the answers at Questions of the Week and then add these to the Archives. You'll find Q&As there on most every topic--teenage attitude, chores, grades, peer problems, sex, drugs, and many more; they're searchable.

You'll also find Polls for parents and teens, book reviews, a video for parents, links to other useful web sites, info on finding mental health help, and a directory of therapists.

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Comments from site visitors: 
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You, for this web page and all your great wisdom! It's a darn hard job being a parent and I appreciate being able to come here when I have a question or just need to hear that I'm not the only one with questions and concerns. I check the archives when a situation comes up and alas there it is, already asked and your great and sensible advice to follow. - Parent

Coming across this website has been a lifesaver, it really has helped me organize my thoughts.. thank you.. - Teen

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